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60th anniversary

WRTHmonitor contains news items for the National Radio section of WRTH and other reference items. The updates are posted up to August each year. They consist of selected items supplied to us by our contributors, some other items of interest, and corrections to the previous edition of WRTH. These entries relate to the 2014 edition. For entries relating to the 2013 and 2012 editions see here.


Uploaded 3 July 2014:

Ozy R. has reactivated on 3210 kHz with 300 W from new site at Razorback (Sydney), currently relaying Vintage FM. Also other relays are planned.

Ictimai R. is heard now on 11761 kHz with FM modulation, ex 9677 kHz.

R. Nacional da Amazônia carries irregular tests with a 4 kW transmitter on 5990 kHz. It operates currently in AM, but will also use DRM in the future.

CNR1 Voice of China has postponed sign-on and –off times by half an hour to 2025-1805.

Egypt observes summer time UTC +3h from 16th May probably until the last Friday of September, excluding Ramadan (between 29th June and 27th July).

RRI Palembang has reactivated 1287 kHz.

V6AK R. Chuuk operates on 1593 kHz Monday through Friday between 2300-1200.

Wantok Radio Light is back on the air on 7325 kHz.

Radio Encarnación is testing on 760 kHz and will start regular transmissions in the near future with 30 kW.

DXHR Hope R. Philippines has started operation on 1323 kHz between 2100-1330.
DYAG Hapi Radio, Sagay City has moved to 1116 kHz, ex-630 kHz.
DYWB Bombo Radyo, Bacolod has moved to 630 kHz, ex-1269 kHz.
DXIF Bombo Radyo, Cagayan de Oro has moved to 729 kHz, ex-1188 kHz.
DXRU Radyo Ultra, Cagayan de Oro has started operation on 1188 kHz.
DYEC Environmental Radio, Puerto Princesa has moved to 1062 kHz, ex DYER 828 kHz.

R. Rossii Khabarovsk has moved to 576 kHz from 621 kHz.
VOA Moscow transmitter on 810 kHz has been closed.
R. Tsentr, Moscow has stopped operation on 1503 kHz.
Russia plans to return to winter time (in Moscow UTC +3h) on 26th October.

SIBC current schedule is 1900-1200 on 1035 & 5020 kHz and 2200-0500 on 9545 kHz, the latter irregular.

UR1 has reactivated 549 kHz from Mykolaiv with 500 kW and 972 kHz is closed.

R. Vanuatu has reactivated both 3945 and 7260 kHz with 1 kW 24h. Santo transmitter on 1179 kHz is inactive.

Uploaded previously:

Nei Menggu People’s Broadcasting Station has started many new transmitters on medium wave. New reported frequencies are: 990, 1008, 1044, 1098, 1188, 1197, 1224, 1305, 1413 and 1584 kHz.
Voice of Jinling has new schedule on 5860 kHz: 1230-1505.

The government supported “Dimosia Radiofonia (‘Public Broadcasting Sce.’)” has started carrying its 1st prgr. on 729 kHz. Web: hprt.gr . ERT Open (the former public radio company) has reactivated the transmitter in Volos on 1485 kHz.

R. 4VEH is reported in operation on its MW frequency 840 kHz, not listed in WRTH 2014.

KCIK Kihei 740 kHz 5 kW has started operation with religious format.
KNUI Wailuku 550 kHz is ex-KMVI and KMVI Kahului 900 kHz is ex-KNUI.

KTRK 1st prgr uses 1287 kHz until 1230 only. 4795 kHz has been replaced by 4820 kHz. R. Rossii relay on 4050 kHz is off the air.

R. Merkurs 1485 kHz has new address: SIA RNI Radio, Jurmala, Kadiku iela 5, LV–2008 Riga.

ELWA R. has returned to shortwave, operating with 1 kW on 4760 kHz between 0530-1000 & 1700-2400.

R. Crne Gore 882 kHz 5 kW transmitter still continues operating.

Vahon FM is operating now on 1566 kHz instead of 1557 kHz.

Both Wantok R. Light 7325 kHz and R. Maria 4960 kHz are inactive.

The 846 kHz Moscow transmitter shared by R. Podmoskovye and Radonezh has been closed.
All R. Rossii transmissions on shortwave and longwave have stopped. R. Rossii continues on FM as normal and on mediumwave except for the following transmitters, which have been closed: Kochubey 621 kHz, Guzinoozersk 963 kHz, Salsk/Volgodonsk 1134 kHz, Balashov/Ershov 1197 kHz, Kyahta 1287 kHz, Pleshanovo 1314 kHz, Livny 1449 kHz, Tyumen 1485 kHz, Tigil 1584 kHz and Chumikan 1602 kHz.

SIBC correct address is P.O. Box 654, Honiara. The schedule is 1900-1200 on 1035, 5020 & 9545 kHz.

Syrian R. 2nd prgr: Voice of the People has reactivated its transmitter in Homs on 594 kHz and is operating irregularly.

963 kHz has started transmitting R. Tunis Chaîne Internationale between 0500-0100 in French including English 1300-1400, German 1403-1500, Italian 1503-1600 and Spanish 1900-2000.

Radiodifusión Nacional del Uruguay has reactivated its transmitter on 6125 kHz.

R. Vanuatu operates currently on shortwave at very low power only on 3945 kHz between 1830-1230. Transmitters repair is planned for March.

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