Reviews of WRTH 2016

This directory would be of interest to anyone with an affinity or involvement with radio/TV broadcasting, ranging from the casual listener to professional monitors– Bob Padula, Australia

The 70th is another great edition of the World Radio TV Handbook. Though I use online frequency databases fairly regularly, there is just no replacement for a good printed frequency guide–especially for all of my off-grid DXing. Broadcaster contact information in WRTH is often more up-to-date than a broadcaster’s own website. When readers ask me for station contact information, it is the current WRTH I reference. Not only does WRTH contain more in-depth information on broadcasters and schedules, but it makes for quick reference, and doesn’t require a computer or Internet connection–much like, well, your shortwave radio – Thomas Witherspoon, SWLing, USA

I would like to congratulate you for the outstanding job regarding the content of the WRTH. I buy the WRTH since 1973 – André De Block, Belgium

The world’s most complete and outstanding reference guide for broadcasting facilities and platforms worldwide – George Jacobs, USA

WRTH is still an indispensable resource for the short wave listener or Industry professional– David Harris, Radiouser, UK

The WRTH is great! – Max Heidel, USA

I think WRTH is as good as it gets! I have collected all but three editions of the Handbook so am obviously a strong supporter – Bryan Clark, New Zealand

The WRTH continues to be the key source of information for a shortwave listener. I’ve been purchasing my copies annually since the 1960s. Your publication is a essential factor in enjoying shortwave listening, whether that be for station information or equipment reviews. Your efforts are very much appreciated – William Matthews, USA

Thanks for the splendid issues of WRTH; I have bought the WRTH each year since 1969 – Robert Kipp, Germany

I think the information which is in the WRTH is ample. I would not change a thing. I have bought it for the last 20 years and find all the information I require – Ray Browell, England

The book has always been great – Valter Aguiar, Brazil

It is a very thorough guide – Anthony Fusco, USA

WRTH is complete and satisfies me fully – José Ronaldo Xavier, Brazil

I congratulate you for the excellent work you have done over time, devoting great effort to keep this publication always with excellent quality. I strongly believe that the SWL hobby and DXing would not be the same without the WRTH, its importance is really great – José Roberto da Silva Cunha, Brazil

The WRTH is perfect. The yearly publication of this book is one of the biggest events in the DXing calender – Clint Gouveia, United Kingdom

Best book to read about radio – Aaron Fawcett, USA

Views on WRTH from past years

Thank you all for the very wonderful work you do to gather and compile and then publish this information in such a well organized and comprehensive manner.Your product is truly unique and the love and caring which is involved in its creation is very evident – Melvin D. Calvert, USA

WRTH is called “The World’s Most Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Guide to Broadcasting”. We can verify this slogan after making a lot of detailled tests. Every DXer and “World wide Listener” needs this specialised book – Dieter K. Reibold, DX-Editor Radio HCJB/Die Andenstimme, Germany

The absolutely essential unique reference book for the shortwave broadcasting field – Glenn Hauser, DXLD, USA

WRTH is an excellent resource. It is the bible for shortwave listening/Dxing. I can’t think of a thing that is missing – Anthony Fusco, USA

I’m starting to see why this book is so popular. I am starting to really like it – Rob Quinlan, USA

The WRTH is a superbly executed publication that makes the DXing hobby a true pleasure for all involved. I still get a thrill when each new edition appears. That’s why it stays atop my list of books that I can’t do without, and that I have to buy each and every year – William Patalon III, USA

There`s always unexpected info to be mined from the fine print in this eagerly awaited essential annual volume – Glenn Hauser, DX Listening Digest

WRTH 2014 as reference guide is a good addition to pure frequency charts that are meanwhile available on the Internet or as  smartphone apps. The strength of the handbook remains that you find information about all stations worldwide (especially MW) – Harald Kulh, Radio-Kurier

Le WRTH est un outil indéspensable pour moi qui suit un adepte du DX – Michel Longin, France

The World Radio TV Handbook 2013, is the ultimate directory of global broadcasting for a worldwide radio audience. WRTH continues their tradition of producing the very best, most comprehensive and most authorative radio reference book. It is an exceptional annual guide – Gayle Van Horn, Monitoring Times

World Radio TV Handbook 2013 is a publication that has arguably achieved cult status. It rates as a classic among many short wave listeners and those interested, both professionally and through their hobby, in national and international broadcasting – Georg Wiessala, RadioUser

Thanks for publishing a great book, I just got started to listen to Shortwave about 3 months ago and got your 2013 edition. It was confusing at first because I am new but your reference section helped – Jeb

Le WRTH est un guide des radios et TV du monde entier des geandes ondes en passant par les petites et ondes courtes. Le guide existe en livre ou en CD. Il y a beaucoup d’information sur l’endrois ou se trouve le TX, la puissance, les horaires, les langues, les adresses pour les QSL. Donc c’est l’idéale pour les amateurs d’écoute BCL. En Anglais mais ce n’est pas trop dur à comprendre – Le Journal du 11m et des ondes courtes

Multiple Information for radio professionals and interested DXers found nowhere else. Highly recommended – Dieter K. Reibold, Germany

Astonishing content, a radio listener’s “bible”. All found easy, no complaints – Olof Rautavaara, Finland

I just bought the WRTH book for the first time a couple of weeks ago. What an awesome publication! – Gary Gallerani

WRTH has been great for years! I always enjoy having it around, even just to browse through – Max Heidel, USA

The 2012 World Radio TV Handbook is the ultimate and most comprehensive reference book for broadcast radio hobbyists. The World Radio TV Handbook continues to set the gold standard in broadcast reference information. It remains the very best, most authoritative, and comprehensive reference book in the broadcast world. Quite simply, there is no rival. It is an exceptional annual guide that should be in every radio hobbyist’s listening post. Gayle Van Horn, Monitoring Times

I recently purchased the 2012 edition of your handbook. I’m enjoying all of the exquisite detail and information that I’ve missed since the last issue I bought years ago. Your handbook points out all of the changes that have occurred over the years as HF spectrum users have altered their emissions to accommodate changing technologies, regulations and politics – Bill Calderwood, USA

There’s a reason I purchase the WRTH every year: It’s a superbly executed publication that makes the Dxing hobby a true pleasure for all involved. I still get a thrill when each new edition appears – William Patalon III, USA

The WRTH is a must-have publication for all who work in international broadcasting, and those who like to hear or see broadcasts from outside their own country. Some may wonder if a printed book is still needed in an age when so much information can be found on the internet. But anyone who has tried listening to a weak radio signal with the computer switched on close to the receiver will know how much noise a computer can produce. So having access to printed information is still very useful. – Radio Netherlands Worldwide

As has been in the past, the WRTH 2012 is superb as the last ones were. Complete, effective in every way, save for size. Accurate and clearly well researched and authoritative. Also contains surprisingly interesting articles and yes, some semi-technical data. The advertising within is not obtrusive, and is politely assisting the readers. The contents are all most instructive, while being somewhat easy to thumb through, or read in depth. WRTH 2012 clearly can assist you in being a better SWL, a better communications services user and more knowledgeable of the world around you. WRTH 2012 gets 5 stars, because both in the past and for 2012, it earns that pinnacle. It is INDEED, the World Radio and Television Handbook – Joe Rotello

It’s rare that a publication can fulfill so many needs – insight and information, entertainment, and reference – and so with perfection. Yet that’s exactly what WRTH manages to do – William Patalon III, USA

There is no other publication in the world that rivals WRTH. It is indeed the ultimate volume for anyone with an interest in radio which has been respected for over six decades as the definitive source of broadcast radio information – Mike Terry, UK

WRTH’s claim to be the World’s most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to broadcasting is indeed more than justified. At Radio Netherlands Worldwide, we couldn’t be without it. If you like listening to radio broadcasts from abroad, neither can you – Radio Netherlands Media Network review

La World Radio TV Handbook, constituye una de las herramientas más valiosas para quienes deseen gozar de la escucha radiofónica en especial, y adentrarse en ese mundo tan particular de las emisiones…Este Manual, es, en verdad, un paradigma valiosísimo, que en cada aparación, refleja el perfeccionamiento de la labor de sus hacedores – Prof. Charles Gerez, Argentina

Let me express my thanks for publishing another great issue of the handbook. WRTH has been an indispensable reference for my radio listening hobby since 1989 and the superb 2012 edition is always ready on my desk for almost daily use. Its accuracy and comprehensiveness are simply astonishing and I also like the feature stories and receiver reviews – Matthias Gatzke, Germany

I don’t know how I managed without this fantastic publication for so long! The information contained in it is awesome WRTH tells you it all. I find the SW frequency lists at the back of the book invaluable for identifying unknown stations and I loved reading the articles, reviews and interviews in the front of the book. Anyone with any interest at all in radio will benefit by this book, and if you listen to SW broadcast stations it is simply a MUST – Adam Toynton, UK

Your publication is unparalleled in quality of information with regard to radio stations around the world. It is the first place I look when encountering an unfamiliar station – Joe Analssandrini, USA

A relatively new WRTH is a must. Maybe one doesn’t always need the latest (although I buy it as a habit), but it shouldn’t be older than two years – Martin Elbe, Germany

Authoritative information for everyone involved in international broadcasting – Communications Africa

There is simply no better print reference for all manner of domestic and worldwide radio and television broadcasts. AM, FM, longwave, and shortwave radio station locations and schedules are covered – Lee Badman, USA

I have just ordered a WRTH for the first time, and let me tell you: it’s great! I’ve been a ham since 1967, and in all my years NOTHING comes close to you and your WRTH – Marc Manis K5NO, USA

First time readers, both myself and brother, were amazed at the wealth of knowledge and information in the WRTH – Chris Harwood, USA

I congratulate you on the latest edition of the WRTH which arrived today – Jonathon Marks, The Netherlands

The handbook seems nearly perfect – Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany

The overall accuracy of the WRTH, with its exhaustive listings of domestic broadcasters around the world, remains very high, and we are impressed by how many late changes are now incorporated in the listings. This is supplemented by the availability of updates during the year on the WRTH website, covering both domestic station changes and international broadcast schedules. The publisher has found a good balance between the need for up-to-date information and the continuing need, in some parts of the world, for a printed reference source. As always, we highly recommend the book as excellent value for money, even with the price increase, and a must-have for both the hobby listener and the broadcast professional – Andy Sennitt, Radio Netherlands Worldwide

WRTH was always and still is one of the most important sources of fresh broadcast information – Mieczyslaw Pietruski, Poland