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CNR 8 Mongolian is reported on 9615 kHz 1200-1400, ex 7445 kHz 1300-1400.

The following R. Renascença transmitters are reported inactive: Braga 576 kHz, Évora 927 kHz and Valongo & Viseu 1251 kHz.

R. Puntland is testing on shortwave with temporary transmitter of 100 W. Variable test schedule: 0300-0700 & 1500-1800 on 6140 kHz, 0700-1500 on 13800 kHz. The main transmitter of 25 kW is planned to start in June with regular programming on the same frequencies.

The following MW transmitters will be closed in the beginning of May: R. Euskadi: Bilbao 756 kHz, Vitoria 819 kHz, San Sebastián 963 kHz, Euskadi Irratia: Vitoria 1197 kHz, Bilbao 1386 kHz, San Sebastián 1476 kHz and Radio Vitoria 1602 kHz.

Fu Hsing BC, Kuanyin is reported inactive on 9410 and 15375 kHz, only 9774 kHz is in operation.

Voice of Talyshistan (Tolishstoni Sedo) is a new station transmitting to Talysh minority in south Azerbaijan from Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh on 9677 kHz between 0900-1000, 1200-1300 and 1500-1600. Audio of the transmissions can be found at youtube.com/watch?v=inZgfVoTWgc

Radio-Canada in Windsor ON has stopped operation on 540 kHz and is operating now on 1550 kHz.

BNR1 Horizont has restarted regular transmissions from Vidin on 576 kHz with 400 kW 24h.

MDR transmitters Wiederau 783 kHz, Wilsdruff 1044 kHz and Reichenbach 1188 kHz will be closed in the end of April.

R. Lesotho has now restarted on 639 kHz. Ultimate FM is carried again on both 891 and 1197 kHz.

All R. Mayak LW/MW transmitters except Kyzyl 828 kHz and Makhachkala 918 kHz have been closed. Mayak continues on lower FM band (66-74 MHz) in Moscow and 51 other centres and on higher FM band as previously.
(A former R. Mayak transmitter, presumably in Unecha on 1449 kHz carries now R. Rossii.)
Correction:The new transmitter carrying R. Rossii on 1449 kHz is located in Livny, Oryol oblast with 5 kW

R. Zelyoniy Glaz, Moscow operates every Friday between 1200-1500 on 25900 kHz with 400 W in parallel with 1584 kHz. W: vk.com/magic.eye.mtuci . Email: greeneyeradio@yandex.ru .

R. Pulpit & Kansel use now also 729 kHz with 25 kW in Cape Town in addition to 657 kHz in Meyerton.

Nossa R. Relógio, Rio de Janeiro is active again on 4905 kHz.

Two stations plan to start MW operation with 10 kW transmitters from Praha Libeznice: R. Impuls on 981kHz and R. Dechovka on 1233 kHz.

France Info transmitter in Bayonne on 1494 kHz has been closed.

Many RAI medium wave transmitters have been closed and only the following remain on the air: 657 kHz Pisa, 900 kHz Milano, 936 kHz Venezia, 981 kHz Trieste, 999 kHz Torino, 1062 kHz Ancona/Cagliari/Catania/Trento, 1107 kHz Roma, 1116 kHz Palermo, 1431 kHz Foggia, 1449 kHz Belluno and 1575 kHz Genova. Trieste and Trento are expected to close soon.

R. Lesotho prgr. is carried now on 1197 kHz instead of Ultimate FM. 639 kHz is currently off, but will return after maintenance work.

R. Chaski from Cusco is reported on 5980 kHz in Quechua 1000-1500 and Spanish 2200-0100.
Ondas del Sur Oriente, Quillabamba is reported on new 4835 kHz, ex 5120 kHz. R. Marañon, also on 4835 kHz is inactive.

TRT Haber, the news channel is carried now via Istanbul 702 kHz between 0400-2300.

UR1 has opened a 10 kW transmitter in Izmail, Odessa oblast on 1404 kHz.

ABC Alice Springs continues using 4835 kHz for undefined period also between 0830-2130 instead of 2310 kHz.

R. Panamericana, La Paz is reported back irregularly on 6105v kHz. Schedule 1000-0300 (SS 1100-2300).

R. Cultura, Cuiabá MT is active again on 5015 kHz, carrying “A Voz da Libertação” prgr. 24h.

Despite being planned to stop, R. Stara Zagora continues to transmit on 873 kHz between 0200-2400.

CJRN Niagara Falls ON 710 kHz has stopped operation.

RCN has bought Cadena Super Radio and the network is called now Radio Red, radiored.com.co .

Centro Radiofonico de Imbabura, Ibarra is reported again active with sign-on at 1100 .

ERA Rhodos has moved from 1494 to 1260 kHz.

MR6 regional network and MR7 have been replaced by Dankó Rádió on MW 1116, 1251 and 1350 kHz & on existing FM frequencies + new Budapest 98.6 MHz. Schedule on MW 0330 (SS 0400)-2005, FM 24h. Web: danko.radio.hu .

AIR Solapur 1602 kHz and Kanpur 1449 kHz have been closed and AIR Lucknow on 1278 kHz is reported off the air.

RRI Nabire is reported irregularly on 6125 kHz between 0500-0900v and on 7290 kHz between 0900-1500v.

RAI Sassari 1143 kHz is noted missing in the frequency list under Italy.

Family R. and LM Rádio (Mozambique) have stopped their operation on 1197 kHz. It now carries LNBS “Ultimate FM” prgr in parallel with 891 kHz.

Libya has changed to time zone UTC +1h and will observe summer time (UTC +2h) between last Friday of March and last Friday of October . 1251 kHz is reported again active.

R. Pridnestrovya operates on 621 kHz between 0400-0900 Mon-Fri.

R. ZIZ is back on its medium wave frequency of 555 kHz with 5 kW between 1000-0400.

R. Rossii, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy operates on 5930 kHz also in winter time instead of 6010 kHz.
All Mayak MW & LW and part of East European FM (65-74MHz) transmitters are planned to close.
R. Rossii transmitter Vologochan on 162 kHz has been closed.

Ching Cha BS has closed its transmitter in Kaohsiung on 819 kHz.

Tajik R. is reported inactive on 252 kHz.

UBC R. is again active on 4976 and 7195 kHz.

Status on MW: UR2 & UR3 transmitters except 657 kHz are reported off the air. For UR1: 936 kHz is reported off,837 and 972 kHz work on reduced schedule between 0400-0800 & 1500-2000 711, 1044 and regional stations operate as normal.

BBC R. Nottingham 1584 kHz and Kent 1602 kHz are back on the air.