Update to A16 Schedules file

We have produced an update to the A16 Schedules file. The new file contains changes made by Egypt shortly after we released the previous file, along with other updates that came in too late to be included. This file retains all the schedules from the previous release as well as the changes and updates that have happened since. In this file, entries that are new to this release are shown in red, edited text is shown in blue (with italics showing what was changed) and deleted items are shown as ‘struck through’ text.

This update file can be downloaded now from the Updates tab. Click the link for International updates and then click on the post to download the file.

This is a free download but please consider making a donation so that we can continue to produce these downloads.

We will, as usual, be releasing an update file at the end of June containing all the changes that have happened since this release.