Shortwave broadcasting stats

WRTH International editor, Sean Gilbert, writes:

Having completed a season-on-season language analysis, following the release of the A14 schedules, the stats show a decline in SW this season of just under 5% from the B13 season. However, some languages have increased in output, notably German which is now at its highest level since B12.

This season we have lost Indonesian and Farsi from our ‘top’ 18 languages (ie. the languages with the highest number of transmissions in the season), and they have been replaced by Burmese and Hausa. The largest reductions in transmissions this season have been in Farsi, Korean and Russian.

Overall, since B10, there has been a decline in SW output of nearly 33% in the top 18 languages. This is not a scientific study, but is does give some indication as to what is happening in the broadcasting world.